New Briggs album tells it like it is

November 24, 2016

Briggs has teamed up with Trials for the highly anticipated 'Reclaim Australia'.

It has been a big year for Adam Briggs with a starring role on ABC’s Cleverman, but his biggest performance is just around the corner.

The Shepparton rapper, better known as Briggs, is about to release his highly anticipated new record as part of his new hip-hop duo A.B. Original, which he formed with South Australian-based MC Trials.

You might have heard the politically charged single January 26 from the album, which has been on high rotation on Triple J radio for months and tackles the current debate on changing the date of Australia Day.

Briggs said although changing the date was a big debate at the moment, it was inevitable that the date would be changed.

‘‘They’ll change it, they have to,’’ he said.

‘‘Now I don’t have to explain myself about my stance on Australia Day, because I’ve just got a concise three-minute-30 production you can listen to.’’

The production is a throwback to the big names to the g-funk-infused sounds of ’90s-era gangsta rap made famous by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre.

‘‘That was the style that birthed our interest in this music,’’ Briggs said.

The full album, titled Reclaim Australia, tackles themes affecting indigenous Australia and Briggs said it was the most confrontational he had been on a recording.

‘‘The whole idea of the music we grew up listening to, like N.W.A. and Public Enemy is they were always really confrontational and in your face, so that was always the goal for us,’’ he said.

‘‘There was a big gap in the market where the straight out direct approach had not really touched on the issues at hand; this is the album that should have been made 20 years ago when we were kids.’’

With Briggs becoming more well known across Australia, he said he never felt like softening the message in his music to appeal to a wider audience.

‘‘Commercial radio was never really an option, not that I ever said ‘no, you can’t play it’,’’ he said.

‘‘The things we say (on this record) you are never going to hear on Nova.’’

The full album will be released tomorrow, and was the result of a happy accident when Briggs performed with Trials at last year’s Beat The Drum concert to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Triple J radio.

After noticing the chemistry with Trials, they went to the studio and put down some tracks for a planned EP.

‘‘Then the record label got really excited and asked us to extend it to an album,’’ Briggs said.

Reclaim Australia is out tomorrow, and Briggs and Trials will be touring Australia as A.B. Original next year as part of the Laneway Festival.

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