Board games’ night catches on

November 22, 2016

Kevin Waterman and Matthew Davis test their skills at Settlers of Catan, which is one of the new types of board games.

GUF Shepparton is usually full of gamers playing the latest and greatest hi-tech video games, but every Tuesday night it goes strictly old-school.

Good old-fashioned, non-digital board games are back in a big way, and once a week gamers assemble at GUF to play the latest and some of the classics in the genre.

Owner Matthew Davis said board games just ‘‘seemed to be the in thing at the moment’’.

‘‘We just keep getting more and more, at social events it is the way to go,’’ Mr Davis said.

The board game nights have been going on at GUF Shepparton for about two months, and each night attracts a small but dedicated group of fans.

Mr Davis grew up on the standard board games, like Chess, Monopoly and Scrabble, but he said the new generation of games added a lot more variety for gamers.

‘‘There is a big wave of board games coming from Ukraine and Europe at the moment, and a lot of the games they have developed are really deep,’’ he said.

Popular games included Settlers of Catan, a strategy-based board game where groups fight for resources over a land mass, and others based on Star Wars and The Walking Dead.

‘‘Some are a bit more complicated than the others,’’ he said.

‘‘These games are a lot more social, instead of looking through a screen and talking down a mic a lot of people’s personalities have an effect on how the game plays.’’

Board game night is free and is on at GUF Shepparton on Tuesday’s from 6.30pm.

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